Code: PG20

Vol: 12.32 oz

Packing: 1600/ctn

Type: Premium (300 GSM)

A 350 ML premium paper glass can be used for serving a variety of hot and cold beverages such as:

  1. Coffee: Whether it's black coffee or a latte, a 350 ML paper glass is perfect for serving coffee.

  2. Tea: You can use a 350 ML paper glass to serve hot tea or iced tea, depending on your preference.

  3. Hot Chocolate: A 350 ML paper glass is an ideal choice for serving hot chocolate, topped with whipped cream and sprinkles.

  4. Cold Drinks: This cup can also be used for serving cold beverages such as soda, juice, or iced tea.

  5. Smoothies: If you own a smoothie shop, a 350 ML paper glass is a great option to serve smoothies to your customers.

  6. Milkshakes: You can also use this cup to serve delicious milkshakes with various toppings.

Overall, the 350 ML premium paper glass is a versatile option for serving a wide range of beverages, making it an excellent choice for cafes, restaurants, offices, and other businesses that require disposable cups.