Code: PG12

Vol: 5.28 oz

Packing: 1625/ctn

Type: 180 GSM+280 GSM


Toothpick holder: You can use it to store toothpicks for convenient access.

Drinking glass: You can use it to drink water, juice, soda, or any other beverage.
Shot glass: It's also suitable for serving small amounts of alcohol, such as a shot of whiskey or tequila.
Dessert dish: You can use it to serve individual portions of desserts such as mousse, pudding, or ice cream.
Candle making: Ripple glass can be used as a decorative element in candle making, adding texture and color to the finished product.
Tableware: Ripple glass can be used to create unique and stylish glassware, such as cups, glasses, and plates.